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DLP April 2012 - Disney Dreams! by PeterPanFan on Flickr.


New Parade : Disneyland Paris 20 years :)


Disneyland Paris - Disney Dreams EXCLUSIVE


Check out the brand new images released overnight by Steve Davison the head imagineer on the brand new Disney Dreams nighttime spectacular at Disneyland Resort Paris. I have to say that I am very impressed, the top image looks incredible!! 

I honestly cannot wait to visit the park and watch this show in its full glory! 


Disneyland Paris - Central Plaza RE-OPENS!


The construction walls have finally come down in Central Plaza at Disneyland Paris, revealing the finished repaving project across the hub of the park following the much-celebrated removal of the overbearing stage which had resided here since 2009. After seven weeks of work through freezing conditions the completed Central Plaza is now a vast expanse of smoothly-finished concrete pavement leaving just a perfect view of Sleeping Beauty Castle and of course, the impending Disney Dreams! nighttime spectacular.

In fact it was Steve Davison, the director of Disney Dreams!, who grabbed these very first photos of the plaza without construction walls at 6am earlier in the week. Steve shared the first photo above with the comment: “WOW! What a wonderful view! No Wall! No Stage. Just a beautiful view of the Castle. Enjoy!” He followed this up with further praise for our castle and a clearer critique of the poorly-integrated stage: “It’s so much better without the stage. It blocked this amazing piece of architecture. WOW! What a castle!”

Well Steve, we couldn’t agree more!! 

This is torture.


Disneyland Paris - Vintage